In the years 1904-05 a revival known as “The Welsh Revival” broke out in Wales. An evangelist, Evan Roberts, full of the Holy Ghost, was ministering the word of God with wonderful results. News was spreading like fire telling people about the revival in Loughor, and that it had reached the Amman Valley. A group of people met one night in Penygroes, a small, quiet village in Carmarthenshire (Dyfed) at the Independent Chapel. They were discussing the news of this revival. After a while the minister, Pastor William Bowen, said they should meet with other churches in the village and hold prayer meetings so that they themselves would be prepared for the revival. In this group was a man named D. P Williams, who suggested inviting Evans Roberts to preach in the village. After a few times in prayer, things began to happen.

The revival began to sweep through Penygroes and many in the Independent Chapel became changed. They received experiences never known in the church before. But there were also those who had the new experience had to leave the Chapel. This is where we leave the Independent Chapel and stay with the new group. This was only a beginning to years of difficult experiences. This group of people then built a mission hail where they met together for a while. In this group was the man suggested inviting the revivalist. He was D. P Williams, who accepted salvation on the 25th December 1904 and it is said that previous to his conversion he had a wild nature. But now God had control of his life and was going to use him in the days that lay ahead. Now this group of believers met in the mission haIl having fellowship together and some of the members went to different conventions at Landrindod, Keswick and Sunderland and while there they heard of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and they wanted to know more about it.

At the same time about 1907-08, D. P Williams was on holiday in a place called Aberaryon. He was praying with a group of people and the Holy Spirit fell and for the first time he spoke with other tongues. Yet another experience to be received in the mission hall. It was also about this time the Lord spoke to D. P. Williams, saying: “It is I the Lord thy God, that hath led thee, young servant, into this place. In a mysterious way I have brought thee here, for My purposes concerning thee are great and shall be marvelous in the eyes of many. My hand have I laid upon thee for a work not revealed unto thee. Chosen art thou by the Lord thy God to gather My sheep, for verily scattered they are upon the mountains of Israel . I hear them bleating saith the Lord, but I will gather them and thou shalt shepherd them. There shall be one fold and many flocks. If thou wilt obey my voice I will send thee unto them. The Performance of My word shall be sure concerning thee if thou wilt hearken to the word that I have spoken unto thee this day, saith the lord” During this time a split was again to be found in the mission shall because of this new Holy Spirit experience and those who accepted it had to find fresh premises.

So they met in the building known as the “Band Hall” and the Lord spoke to them saying “if they persecuted Me, they will persecute you, before the sun will set this day, I will send to you a man offering you a room with an open door. It is there I would have you to meet for your evening service and I will be with you”. that day a man visited them and gave them the use of a room in the village school, where they met for awhile. Before long the membership had risen to over 80 people and they moved into a new building called “BABELLY Y CYFARFOD” (Tabernacle of the Congregation). At this time they were in contact and fellowship with a group of people from Bournemouth, known as the Apostolic Faith Mission, their Pastor being Apostle Williams Hutchinson. They met together and through this D. P Williams was ordained as an Apostle and put in charge of the work in Penygroes: and D. P Williams brother W. Jones Williams, who was saved after the Lord spoke to him through Pastor D. P Williams, was set apart as a prophet. After a while Pastor D. P Williams ands W. J. Williams went to Bournemouth to the Apostolic faith Mission, and attended a meeting there The Lord spoke to Pastor D. P Williams and his brother, telling them “ALL APOSTLES ARE EQUAL IN CALLING” and they broke off the relationship and fellowship with the Apostolic faith Mission.

In 1916 the Lord told Pastor D. P Williams and his brother to start afresh, calling the fellowship The Apostolic Church Penygroes was the headquarters of this new fellowship and from here the vision spread like fire to other parts of the country and it was in 1917, one year after the new starting point, that the Lord spoke concerning the people from other lands and those of dark skin coming to the mount. This of course, has since been wonderfully fulfilled. At an earlier date, August 1913, in Bournemouth , the Lord spoke through Pastor Williams saying “CARMANIA, CARMANIA. A ship I see sailing and some of you on board of that ship sailing to another land”. In 1922, August 3Ist, Pastor D. P Williams, Turnbull and F Hodges and W J. Williams boarded a ship was CARMANIA”. God is true to His word, He will perform it.

The church in Penygroes eventually linked up with Glasgow in 1919, with Hereford in 1920 and with Bradford in 1922, and they all came in unity under one name, The Apostolic Church . There are many other instances and examples of how God moved in the village of Penygroes. Pastors D. P Williams and W. J. Williams are only two men used by God at that time in that area, Other men used by God at that time to bring His purpose to pass were Pastor t Jon es (Llwynhendy). Pastors J. 0. Jones, W. H. Lewis, T. V. Lewis and J. Purnell.