It was during the time of the revival in Wales (1904-05) that the Lord also visited the area of Hereforef. Living in the city was a tailor of high reputation, who had in the town a gentlemen’s outfitters: he was Frank Hodges. The Lord met him in a real way in 1904-05 and he accepted salvation and received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with signs following. His conversion took place in a Torrey-Alexander Mission. (Torrey was a Revivalist, Alexander a Composer). Because of his baptism, it was necessary for him to break away from the mission and start a place of worship, with others who had received the same experience.

Eventually a plot of land was given by a lady named Mrs. Ham bridge who had owned a row of cottages in 1908. These were erectdemolished and a church building erected. The same building is still used today for the weeknight meetings and is in Monkmoor Street . After the erection of the building the group of believers asked the Lord for a name to be given .. Frank Hodges was inspired to put above the door “The Apostolic Church ‘. This also took place in 1908.

A few years later, Pastor Frank Hodges heard of a Convention being held in Wales and he also heard that they were called “The Apostolic Church” He went to the Convention and was moved by the ministry that was given and he gave an invitation to the Brethren, Pastor D.P Williams and W. J. Williams to come and minister in Hereford. On their arrival in Hereford they were amazed to see the name over the doorway. After many confirmations and ministry on the Ascension Gifts the assembly in Hereford decided to join in fellowship with the Apostolic Church in Wales . This took place in 1920.

After this move took place the work began to expand in many mighty ways. Another young person in the city received his baptism and also received the ministry of prophecy. He was later called in to the ministry and worked alongside Pastor Frank Hodges around other areas. He was Pastor W. A. C. Rowe, who later wrote the book” One Lord, One faith”.

The first overseer of the Hereford assembly was a Mr. J. F D. Thompson, who was later called out into the full-time ministry. The work expanded fast and a new building was opened in Canal Road about 150 yards from the other building. This was opened during Whitsun, 1924. This was also the time of their annual convention, which attracted people from the far distances.

Eventually the Hereford assembly became the centre for the work in the Midlands . At one time when the congregation consisted of mainly women the Lord spoke and said: “Be thou not discouraged, My Servant, for I will gather around thee men that will be pillars, and I will cause this place to be a centre and I will reach forth on the right and on the left to those whom I have purposed to be with thee. I will bring them with a strong hand. That day will I cause thine heart to rejoice. This is my promise to you”. After this had been fulfilled and Hereford made a centre, the Lord began to unite many churches. At one period of time there was a harvest of 35 churches connected to Hereford, six Apostles and many Pastors, Elders, Evangelists, Deacons and Deaconess.