1. A Personal Testimony of Salvation in Christ
  2. Your Acknowledgement Of And Obedience To The Order And Officers Of The Church: Apostles, Elders and Deacons
  3. Your Presence In The Meeting Of The Church And Abiding In Full Communion: That Is, Not To Absent Yourself More Than Three Times From Communion Without Sufficient Reason Given For Your Absence
  4. Your Conformity With The Fundamental Doctrine Of The Church, As Well As With The Two Ordinances, Namely, Baptism By Immersion, And The Lord’s Supper
  5. That You Contribute Towards The Support Of The Cause, As Taught In The Word Of God
  6. That You Keep The Counsel Of The Church Within The Church
  7. That You Pray And Help Every Member, Remembering That We Are Joint Members In The Body Of Christ
  8. Endeavoring To Keep The Unity Of The Spirit In The Bond Of Peace