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The Apostolic Church Nigeria, Uyo field on Saturday 12th January 2019 organized a training for the Sunday School teachers in the Field.
The training which had as it’s theme: Effective Sunday School – a tool for church growth and development was targeted at sun. Sunday School teachers, leaders, pastors, elders and other interested members.

The Keynote address was read by the Four Towns area Superintendent/Uyo Field Secretary who represented the uyo field superintendent. In his address, the uyo field Superintendent said that the objectives of sunday. school include “to provide bible teachings to people of all ages, to provide an atmosphere in which individuals come to accept Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour, to help in preparing children for church membership and to relate the Bible to daily life.” He expressed optimism that after series of intelligent and scripturally inspired deliberations, the participants will be able to proffer answers to the challenging issues and consequently making the Sunday school an effective tool for church growth and development.

Apostle (Barr) S.B. Inyang, The Field Sunday school leader in his address, citing 2 Timothy 2:2 said that the teaching, training or retraining is a biblical commission. He added that the essence of the training is to acquaint the participants with the latest and appropriate or innovative techniques or methodology appropriate in teaching the 2019 manual. He also encouraged the teachers to be committed to the course that they were chosen by God for.

The Lecture on “church principles, doctrine and structure” was delivered by Apostle Ubongabasi Udoakpan, the Acting rector of Edem Inyang Eshiet Theological Seminary. He was represented by Apostle S. B. Inyang, the Uyo field Sunday school leader. Udoakpan gave a detailed explanation of the church doctrines, principles, structure and what it means to the members of the church.

The second lecture was delivered by Elder Dr David Umoh on the topic “psychology of the learner”. The lecturer stressed the need for teachers to know the psychology of their classes. He also said that teachers who know the psychology of their learners are always effective as they know how to stimulate their learner’s interest through motivation. He identified the factors that may affect the behaviour of the learner to be external and internal. He further outlined the external factors to be hereditary, status of the learner and physical environment. The internal factors are goals/purpose, interest, attention, drill or practice, fatigue, aptitude, attitude, guidance, activities, emotion, speed, accuracy, and retention.
The third speaker, Elder Dr A. E. Udofia of the department of Vocational Education, University of Uyo delivered a lecture on “basic teaching methodology”. The lecturer explained methods of teaching to include lecture, discussion, demonstration, role-playing, project, field trip and discovery methods. For Sunday School teachers to be effective, Udofia, stressed that they should always prepare their lesson notes. He encouraged teachers to always motivate the learners. The lecturer emphasised the importance of assignment/evaluation after teaching to assess their understanding. He further mentioned the types of tests to include objective, subjective and essay.

Next on the lineup of activities was the presentation of the 2019 Sunday School manual. This was done by Pastor E. O. Essang. During the presentation, Pastor Essang succinctly stated clearly that the manuals are of two types – Adult/Advanced and Primary classes. He encouraged the teachers to make good use of visual aid to stimulate interest in the pupils and also for proper understanding of the topic. Essang also stressed the importance of personal preparation of the lesson. He said it makes the teacher to be confident and to be accurate in the information he is giving out. He added that the various district should always have preparatory classes before teaching any lesson. All the Sunday school teachers were urged to cover the manual, and also conduct exams at the date slated.

There was an interactive session where teachers asked questions and befitting answers were given by the resource persons and the Sunday School leaders.

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