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Understanding the concept of the Church as your Spiritual Home

TACN Uyo Field Convention
DAY TWO Thursday 13/12/2018(morning session)
Text:Hebrew 10:23-25
Theme: Understanding the concept of the Church as your Spiritual Home
Messenger: Apostle A. O Affia ( Ikot Abasi Field Guest Speaker)

This message had been addressed to the Hebrews by apostle Paul. The Hebrews have special meaning for the Church and Christians. The name Hebrew(s) can be defined as
• The pilgrims and sojourners, born out of their places of origin, to travel to a special destination by faith.
• They are not mindful of returning back to their own country but are keen on pleasing God.
• They choose to suffer predicament by faith to reach the promised land.
• They hold the things of Christ in high esteem more than worldly things.
• They can deny themselves just to follow and please Christ.

The purpose of this epistles to the Hebrews is that they were in a severe season of extreme persecution, tribulations as Christians. They were afflicted, imprisoned, accused false fully, killed because of their strong faith in Jesus. They did not want to apostatize.

It was the time where false teachings were prevailing in some churches. They were persecuted and these events confused them and so many of them fled away.

Apostle in Peter admonishes us that in spite of some trendy event, where we have experienced some strange fires, teachings in our generation today. Paul passed this message to us as a command; Telling us not leave this faith and that the worldly trend is just temporary. This is extracted from our Rules of Conduct and Belief. This is to take TACN to a new level, where we take our church as our spiritual home.
It carries my mind to the beginning of journey of Israelites, where God instructed Moses to build a tabernacle where He can commune with them. He Gave moses the engineering specifications, Where the complex was partitioned into 3 segments:
Apartment 1. For sacrifice of sinful and reconciliation. There was a basin of water, shovel, mirror, etc where they have spiritual significance for those who were there.
Apartment 2. Holy place: table, bread, lamp stand, table of incense, these have special connotations for Levite’s who were working there.
Apartment 3. Holy of holies: was attended to by the sole high priest was made to offer atonement for the sin of Israelite annually, it was shielded by a curtain, it was not transparent. There was a covenant box, Aaron’s staff, cherubims were kept there to signify the present of God. Gold and silver were also there.

During Solomon’s rule, these materials where transported back to that temple. Here it is the place of our assembling and gathering for God, during the Israeli captivity in Babylon, it was traditional to see them gathered in 2’s or 3’s or more, they where inclined to the worship of a true God in such clusters. When they returned to their land, they brought the same system of worship. They build synagogue where they meet with their God. Even the time of Jesus, He also worshipped with them. This synagogue was designed to directly face the city of Jerusalem in order to tap the spiritual power into that temple. Jesus performed many miracles there.

The high priests recognized it as an important place in their dispensation. The Bible says that people where together with one mind, heart, love etc. There was no fear among them. When Jesus saw how the temple was abused, which made it to loose it dignity, it became a trading and exchange center, Jesus became provoked and challenged them, calling it “my Father’s House”. Whether it is a tent or a small hall or a cathedral like this, it is still my “Father’s House” because the presence of God is in that place.
It shall be called the house of prayer (where two or three gather in my name, I am there).

Why then should we have criticism in the church? Why do we turn the church into an industry and company?
Why do we see nepotism in the church today?
Why do we use church as place of abomination?
Why do we see a forum of witchcraft in the church?
Why do we experience Fear in the church?

Jesus describes such people as those who come into the ministry through window, but He reiterates, “I know my sheep and they know me”. So many faithfuls are suffering because of these evil activities.
When I returned to Akwa Ibom I was cautioned to be careful with some people in the church. I do not fear anybody because I have a Divine calling from God, I was a big businessman before He called me into His vineyard, that’s why I am still strong and fearless

God has brought these ecclesiastical materials into His church, just like what we called “Horn of altar”, it saved as a place of mercy. The church has been provided with many ecclesiastical instruments for peace, edification, comfort and sanctification.
Jesus said that we shall see all manner of persecutions and tribulations, where enemies in church shall be more than even those outside the church walls.

When apostles gathered in the upper room, the holy ghost came upon them, they received power. That was the genesis of Glorious Vision, several spiritual gifts were invested in this church, and many outsiders have come to tapped from us.
If you are a chosen child of God, you must chastened, hated, persecuted, etc. Why do we run to mushroom churches and prayer vendors for prophecies?
Why do you became an apostate?
Why don’t you endure for a little while?
Christians must suffer afflictions, tribulations, and persecutions.

What is your decision?
Is it to stand firm? Continue to be faithful, continue to fight the good fight of faith ; we were called to come and serve, fight against the principalities in high palaces.
Let’s say like David “I shall dwell in the house of God”,
“How good and harmonious it is for brethren to gathered in His house”? Hence the Lord wants us to abide in Him.

When you go home pray and serve God in little place of calling you find yourself, may God help us in Jesus Name

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