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The Church as a place of spiritual growth.

Sermon by Oron Field Guest
Topic : The Church as a place of spiritual growth.
Text : Psalms 23:6

Before receiving the spiritual growth, we must make the church our spiritual home. Gen. 28:11-22

The Church is the spiritual home. When Jacob slept ordinary, he had no mind in the spiritual growth. At that place that he slept, the angels were around him. When he woke up, he was afraid and said, this place is connected to heaven for God is here. It’s the house of God. At that point, the house of God started. He put on a stone and anointed the stone at that place so that he won’t forget the place.

The Church is this content is a spiritual home, it is different from our social gatherings and should not be a playing place. It’s a fearful place because the presence of God is there constantly. Jacob said this place being the church is also a gateway to heaven. We should be careful when we come into the church.

This is a divine vision to draw us back to the spirituality of the church. It’s a fearful place because of the presence of God. We can’t go to heaven without the church.

People are groomed in the church in order to pass through the narrow way to heaven.

Jacob was a canal man, he didn’t receive any spiritual growth, but because of the divine visitation, God had to reveal to him the spirituality governing the church and because of the power of God, the wisdom of what the Church was revealed to Jacob so that he can be changed and to know that the Church is the spiritual home and any worshiper should worship him in spirit and in truth.

For someone to see this vision, God has to remove the carnality in you and fill you with the spirit to know the spirituality of the church.

John 3:34, The word that I speak to you is spirit and light.
Any man that is in spirit is taken to the level of supernatural wisdom and for you to be able to know the type of God you’re worshiping.

Psalms 27:12, because of the value that is attached to God, I’m asking God to give me the grace to dwell in the house of the Lord so that I’ll see the beauty of God. When the Holy spirit shall manifest to us in this convention, we will see the beauty of God, for it will come with many testimonies because we are in the spiritual house and it’s sacrosanct we must experience the spiritual growth.

John 4:24, God is a spirit and His worshipers must worship in spirit and in truth. Jesus is always in the church. John 3:34. He releases his spirit to the church. We are going to receive that spirit tonight.

John 8:32, Luke 2:22, Jesus left his parents to Jerusalem, they parents had searched for him until they met him at Jerusalem, they parents said, son we have looked for you everywhere, Jesus didn’t like that question, he replied them by saying, why should you look for me, don’t you know that I will be in my father’s house. He gave them such reply because he wanted to manifest the glory that God they father had given to him. He came to the world to do miraculous things. He submitted himself and passed through the church to show that the church is very important in our lives.

Luke 2:35-40, we should draw example from this passage and also key in ourselves on it. Simeon life was always seen in the church, the holy spirit revealed to Simeon that Jesus is the child he had told him to wait for. Anybody who makes the church his spiritual home will not lack divine vision. As we will make the church our spiritual home just like they way Simeon did, God will preserve our lives to see His glory.

The most important value of the church is because the presence of God is in the church. Our church is our spiritual home where our consolation is. Most of the problems we encounter in life is because we haven’t taken and seen our church as our spiritual home. It’s the most value place in our lives. Jacob said, God is here. God’s presence is in the church.

We are going home with a new mindset of taking the church as our spiritual home and the miracles we are looking for will come to us. Let our minds be in the church.

**1Sam. 10:1-end.

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