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“Until the time that his word came: the word of the Lord tried him.” (Psalm 105:19)

If God had told you all the things you’d have to go through to get to where you are right now, could you have handled it? If He showed you your whole life in advance, you’d probably faint at the plans He’s got in store for you.

Joseph discovered during his time in prison that when God gives you a purpose and you commit yourself to it, you just have to trust God and go with it. God alone knows how long it will take and how hard it will be. Sometimes that’s why He’s silent. He’s asking you to trust Him.

Have you ever prayed about something or asked God for guidance, and not got the immediate answer you were hoping for? God may not answer all your questions – at least not in the way you’d like Him to. But you can be sure He’s working on them. What He’s working on is often bigger than you can understand. The purpose He’s given to you might be interwoven with another person’s, and yours can’t start until theirs is underway.

Sometimes, we need to learn something before we can get started on our purpose. God’s timetable isn’t as straightforward as we’d expect. When we wait and we’re patient, we can get the strength to do that because we know He’s at work.

🖊 God is at work; and His time is always the best.

Psalm 105:19; Genesis 39.

1. Oh Lord, take me to a position that will change my condition, in the name of Jesus;

2. Heavenly Father, let your light shine on me and let me manifest Your glory, in the name of Jesus;

3. Father, give me the grace and patience to wait for Your time in the name of Jesus.

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