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Unlike the people of Israel who said that God paid no attention to them and didn’t care if they were treated unjustly (v 27), sometimes our experiences give us that wrong impression and conclusion. Being faced with trials and distresses are nothing to be compared to God’s rest and rewards (Romans 8:18). It is much helpful to focus on our ultimate goal than our pains when faced with unexplainable troubles.

TEXT: “Even the young people get tired…..But those who trust the LORD will find new strength.”- Isaiah 40: 30-31 (CEV)


It is easy and natural to lose heart and quit when faced with troubles in relationships, at work, in business and walk with God. Rather, let us renew our commitment to serving Christ. We must not forget our eternal reward because of the intensity of today’s passing pain. Our very weakness should allow the Resurrection power in Christ to strengthen us moment by moment.


In Christ Jesus, challenges are inevitable but conquerable
(John 16: 33- 34)


1. The realization of the purpose of our sufferings in needful to grow our faith.

2. Though we may think we are at the end of the rope, we are never at the end of hope if Christ is our focus.


1. Let us intercede for the sick, bereaved, the afflicted and those we know who need God’s strength over their circumstances.

2. I receive and appropriate Your overcoming strength and victory over my challenges LORD Jesus (please be specific).

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